Meet your Coach

My name is Chris Perceval, founder and head coach at Peak by PercyFit.
I specialise in helping people like you achieve your dream physique with individually tailored training and nutrition plans. Your plans are created specifically to your own desired goals, level of experience and dietary requirements.

I pride myself on providing the highest quality service that not only helps achieve the results that you desire but also nurtures and cares for each and every client both physically and mentally.

Online coaching is an extremely saturated market and unfortunately many coaches provide their clients with cookie cutter programs and send them on their way with little to no support. A pledge from me to you is that this is not the case at Peak. From our very first call, right up until your transformation is successfully complete, I will work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible. My extensive knowledge and experience in the field not only has a positive life changing impact for yourself, it also gives me a huge sense of gratification. I truly enjoy coaching my clients.

I’ve walked the walk, so now I’m here to talk the talk!

Im a firm believer in building a community and a unity with PEAK!

Peak App

Peak by PercyFit has its very own app in the App Store, available to both Apple and Android devices to make your experience easy and accessible.

Every client will have access to the Peak App with heir own unique logins.

Once you enter the Peak App you will have access to all of your unique tailored training and nutrition programs, Supplementation information, video tutorials of all exercises, check in portal, my vault and much more.

We even have a built in logbook to seamlessly record your training sessions for review.

We don’t leave anything out!


ONLINE Coaching

Peak by PercyFit is a results driven online coaching service, specialising in helping people transform their physiques.

Whether you want to reduce body fat, gain muscle, shred up or just to maintain, we provide an extremely high level of service to ensure you reach your goal.

At Peak we understand that everybody’s journey is different, thats why we welcome all levels of clients from beginners to advanced all with different goals.

Your programs will be tailored to YOU!


Tailored programs are built around your goals and experience levels.

We don’t give everyone the same cookie cutter plan as we understand everyone levels of experience are varied.

If you’re a beginner, you won’t be on the same structure as someone who has years of experience, and vice versa.
You will be required to check in with myself once a week to see how you’re progressing with your program. Accountability and encouragement Is important.


Tailored nutrition programs are built around your goals with foods you actually enjoy. In your questionnaire you will be asked what your current diet consists of, what foods you like and dislike and any important dietary requirements. I then use this information to ensure we create the best plan for you and your goal. Healthy and nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring. The best part is we do your shopping list for you!


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